The well-known Shanghai No. 1 Musical Instrument Factory, commonly known as Dunhuang, has three factories
making Dunhuang guzhengs.

These three guzheng factories are:

1. Shanghai Dunhuang Factory established in 1993, currently makes the full “yun” line of Dunhuang guzhengs and
high-end “dunhuang” line of Dunhuang guzhengs.  This is the first and oldest dunhuang guzheng factory.  The
production team is led by Master Tian Jianzhen who won the numerous gold medals for Dunhuang.

2. Guibao Factory, established in 1999, currently makes the full “dunhuang” line of Dunhuang guzhengs.  This
factory production line is led by Master Li Sufang.

3. Mudan Factory, established in 2000, currently makes the low-end “dunhuang” line of Dunhuang guzhengs.

Detail Chronicles

Originally, “yun” line is for export, and “dunhuang” line is for domestic sales.  Since 2003, both lines are available for
domestic and international sales.

Sound of China Guzheng Music offers both “yun” line and “dunhuang” line Dunhuang guzhengs.  We guaranteed that
our “dunhuang” line guzhengs are no inferior to the “yun” line.  We visit both Shanghai Dunhuang factory and Guibao
factory 3-4 times a year.  Each of the dunhuang guzhengs in our store is hand picked by our guzheng specialist with
the best wishes to the loving hands of it’s final owner.

We are aware that some of the “dunhuang” line guzhengs from the Mudan factory are of very low quality.  We
guaranteed that we do not buy and sell Dunhuang guzhengs from the Mudan factory.

If you have specific preference of either line, please contact us or make a note in your purchase.